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slime care

if your slime deflates...

mix in some water to the slime and it will be as good as new! the reason this happens is because the slime dries out the more you play with it. if it becomes sticky while adding more water, follow the directions below. 

if your slime is sticky...

your package will include 1 teaspoon of borax enclosed in a small clear labeled baggie. do not eat the borax. combine the borax with one cup of warm water and stir until it is dissolved. slowly add this mixture, only adding a spoonful at a time, to your slime and mix the slime well after each time you add borax. the slime will become slightly clumpy at first but just keep mixing. repeat this process until you have your desired texture. also, your slime may stick to your hands if they are not clean so remember to wash your hands before and after playing with slime.

if your slime gets stiff...

simply place the slime inside it’s container and leave it in a warm place for 24 hours. if this does not work, try adding a little bit of lotion to the slime. you can also try adding a spoonful of warm water. if you are dealing with a clear glue based slime, do not add lotion because then your slime will no longer be clear. 

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